Monthly Archives: June 2016

Tech Outside of its Comfort Zone

When it comes to machine learning it is not just for high tech companies anymore. In fact, these days any business is able to leverage machine learning for sale, as well as market and to drive engagement with the tech and tech companies there in. There are several technology firms that are beginning to offer their companies services to leverage machine learning in the next new years that are having big effects on the market in general. This includes a reorganization of motherboards and data analytics in general. 

Companies will use their machine learning for sale and marketing as we all know, but they can also funnel analysis since even non tech businesses are able to generate a lot of data from sales and marketing. Instead of letting that said just lie around, it can and should be used to improve the routing and handling of customer interactions to improve the efficacy of their sales and even marketing teams.

You can also benefit in this regards by seeking the help through friendlier 3rd party services, such as companies will allow their service to operate at a higher level and thus they can illicit the help of machine learning. To put this more clearly Google vision API is one way that this is taking place. To put it more clearly, POST will return sophisticated images for their data analysis and services.

In order to achieve greater efficiency the non tech companies that are already beginning to leverage said power of data science and their machine learning. However, that is the only way they are able to increase as a group such as sales and marketing that attempt to deploy AI driven solutions in their business infrastructure. To give this some perspective, regarding sales productivity, sales forecasts and accuracy or territory planning, every company can use machine learning to achieve an even greater efficiency. Every company that can take advantage of machine learning to achieve inefficiencies.

Another thing to consider is as core to their processes and is a need to develop and understand the market of their en-devours. Working at a non tech company, I see companies using machine learning to predict and see the rending topics of the sale of goods and services. Sales and marketing can use machine learning to help them advocate and identify potential customers and at risk customers. Outside of this narrow breadth we should consider a re imagining of the private sector and commerce in general.

The thing that is interesting in this regard is that the tech industry is slowly and slowly becoming an arbitrary distinction for industries in general. What I mean by that is there is not going to be a sector that is going to be able to resist change in this regard. From computers to carpenters, there is really no facet of the world that cannot benefit from tech in some regard. the question remains in this regard as in all things, of determining where we draw this line,and how we are able to know that we are doing things that are better and not just different.